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Welcome to IPTVRBL – the worlds first Real Time Blackhole List for helping combat the piracy of Video on Demand and Live Streaming feeds.









The Problem




 Piracy robs the internet of resources and hurts the companies that produce Television Shows and Movies. ISP’s have a constant battle with consumption of valuable bandwidth that drives the ISP costs up which in turn increase costs to the consumer.


 Many content providers and license right holders spend millions of dollars in legal fees combating piracy without getting any real results, until now!
















Stopping Piracy from a Technical Level

IPTVRBL has developed and deployed technology that can scan any Set Top Box that is known to have

pirated content on it and automatically stop the feeds at the server source.

For security reasons the complete workings of this technology can not be revealed on the public web, 

but we will be glad to help qualified persons and companies download our software and use it.

Nominal fees will apply to help maintain our systems and help with on-going technical support and development.









The IPTVRBL is the brain child work of Stan Weatherby.  In 1997 Stan Weatherby founded and architected the technology to combat  Unsolicited Email called Email Verification. Email Verification morphed into what is known as Challenge Response Technology today, many of you are familiar with this technology when using CAPTCHA while doing online form submissions. Stan Weatherby also sat as the CEO and President of Flussonic, a cutting edge Media Server and has owned and operated several CDN’s while being a strtegic partner with WOWZA Media Systems since 2008. This vast amount of intimate knowledge in Live and VOD streaming coupled with Internet Infrastructure has led to the encompassing technology of the Worlds First, IPTVRBL list.


The IPTVRBL technology stops pirated Video On Demand and Live Streaming by blocking the violating servers at the DNS and Router Level. In partnership with many DNS and ISP Providers the IPTVRBL technology stops piracy in its tracks. 


IPTVRBL is a Non-Profit organization and any funds collected for its services go to the greater good of on-going systems maintance and development of this exciting technology.